St. John's Lutheran Church: 

A family of believers living God's Word; teaching, caring and sharing His love.


St. John's Lutheran Church is a place where Christ meets His people and cares for them.

  • He cares for them through the proclamation of the Good News that Christ Jesus has saved them from sin, death, and the devil and gives them new life here in time and in heaven for eternity.
  • He cares for them through the administration of Baptism, where souls are born again into a new life. He cares for them through the instruction in His word, where that new life of faith grows.
  • He cares for them through Holy Communion where that same faith is fed and strengthened.
  • All this takes place within a loving community of sinful believers, who are ready and willing to comfort one another with the comfort they have received in Christ.

We invite you to join us as we are lead by Christ. We hope you will be a part of our network of believers who love and support one another.

We pray you will join us in sharing the love of Christ in acts of witness and mercy to our community, nation and world. We love, because God first loved us.