At St. John's Lutheran Church it is our hope that you would feel welcome and comfortable whenever you visit us.  Here are some general questions and answers about our worship services.

What to expect:

God speaks and we listen. His Word gives what it says. Faith, lifted by that Word, responds in praise and prayer. This is the essence of our Divine Services. These Services are held Saturdays at 4:30 pm and Sundays at 9:00 am (Summer) or 8:30 and 10:45 am (Sept-May). Each week, we join with saints across terrain and time, speaking and singing the Word of God according to the pattern of liturgical worship handed down through the ages. Sacred music heightens this praise, sounding from the organ, instruments, choir and congregation. Whether the focus is on the Sacrament of the Altar (2nd, 4th and 5th weekends of the month) or simply the proclamation of the good news, Christ is at the center of our worship. He is always there to forgive, renew, lift up and strengthen everyone according to their needs. You and your family are invited into this weekly celebration of our new life in Christ!

What should I wear?

You will see many different kinds of dress at St. John's at each of our services. Some will wear their "Sunday best;" others will be dressed very casually. Some will be on their way to or from a sporting event in their uniform; others will be in work clothes. Wear what is comfortable for you.

Where should I enter?

There is parking on the south and west sides of the church. The front of our church faces Port Washington Road on the east and is hard to miss. The main doors are up the flight of steps, but most people come in through the doors to the right of the steps at ground level. There are also large wooden doors off the western parking lot that lead to this area. Here you'll find the coat racks, rest rooms, and friends catching up with one another. There is also an elevator to assist anyone in getting to the church level.

What is worship like?

Our pattern of worship respects the rhythm of worship through time, with the reading and explanation of Bible readings, prayers, singing, declaration of faith, and the celebration of the Lord's Supper. St. John's uses the Divine Services and other Services from our hymnal, Lutheran Service Book. We also respect everyone's desire to easily follow the flow of the service. You will receive a printed order of service to follow as you enter the seating area of the church. This order of service will provide an overview of the day's theme, a list of the songs that are sung, the readings that are read, responses that are said and even notations on when to stand and sit. The Pastor gives verbal directions as needed so that worship may flow as freely as possible.

What is the music like at St. John's?

In any given service, you might hear music that was written hundreds of years ago and then something that was written just last month. Some will be based on Gregorian chant; other on Ethiopian tunes and rhythms. For something to be "sacred," it means it is "set apart for the glory of God." So, sacred music won't necessarily sound or feel like what may be playing on your radio all week long. Just as the sights of a church are by design different than that of, say, a theater, so are the sounds, smells, even tastes and feelings one experiences in church. Together, they proclaim, "This place is special. This place is different. This is where we commune with God."

Are my children welcome during church?

Absolutely! St. John's is a congregation made up of family members of all ages.  Pastor will have special "Little Lambs' Lessons" the first and third weekends of the month in which all the children come forward. Even when there aren't special lessons for children, the messages will most likely have stories, lessons, or objects that children will love as much as their parents and grandparents. Following the words of the worship service from the bulletin and hymnal are great ways to teach children to read. Following hymns together teaches music. Repetition of creeds and prayers are great ways to teach children the faith by memory even before they're able to read.  We also offer a Family Room at the back of the sanctuary where parents can hear and see the worship service from a rocking chair, couch, or playspace whenever needed.

May I come to Communion?

We welcome those who have been confirmed in another LCMS congregation to commune with us without speaking to the pastor first. If you belong to another denomination or have not yet received instruction in the Christian faith, we ask that you speak to the pastor first. The Bible tells us that those who eat and drink unworthily do so to their judgment. We want to be responsible, therefore, in how we share this meal. The Pastor will be able to answer your questions before or after the service. Usually, he's standing by the door. If not, ask an usher for help.

How can I get connected?

There will be a "Friendship Register" in the seats in which you can leave us your name and questions. That's one way to get in touch with us. BUT . . . the best way to get connected to the people of St. John's is to just talk to them. Before or after the service, let anyone around you know that you're visiting (we don't single out visitors during the service) and most likely they'll let you know what's going on. You can also talk with the pastor on the way in or out. No need to worry about holding up the line. He's there for everyone who may want to bend his ear for a time, and folks respect that.  If you'd like to connect with Pastor Schmitt outside of worship, you're welcome to call (414)352-4150 or email him This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  God's peace be with you, and see you at St. John's!