About St. John's Lutheran School

At St. John’s Lutheran School, you can expect a Christ centered education from teachers, faculty and staff that love their Savior and kids. We work to help students realize the talents that they are blessed with and help them to use those talents to the best of their ability. We are also nationally accredited by the National Lutheran School Accreditation of the LCMS which has established the highest standards for school quality.

Why should your children attend St. John's Lutheran School?

  • Christ-centered curriculum and environment
  • Christian teachers
  • Family values are affirmed and promoted
  • Accredited by National Lutheran School Accreditation
  • Small classes 1:14 ratio
  • Quality facilities
  • Safe and secure environment
  • Extracurricular activities including athletics, choir, chimes, band, and academic competitions
  • Serving families with children for 6 weeks through Grade 8
  • Before and after school care program
  • Library, Computer Lab, and a classroom set of iPad Mini's
  • Smartboards and projectors in every classroom

Interested?  Our Principal, Jennifer Comfort, would be happy to answer your questions and give you a tour.