What is the Resource Room?

The Resource Room program is designed for students in our Lutheran schools that are struggling with learning difficulties. Students stay in their regular classroom and go to the resource room for more difficult subjects, such as reading and math.

Students that participate in the Resource Room program are considered a St. John's School student and may participate in all St. John's activities just as other students. However, resource room students are enrolled through Lutheran Special School and Educational Services and tuition is paid to Lutheran Special School and Educational Services to provide for services given by the resource room teacher. This partnership between St. John's and Lutheran Special School provides the best education for individual students.

How does the Resource Room help students?

The resource room program's goal is to provide support to each individual student to allow him/her to reach his/her potential. This can be accomplished through:

  • Individualized program for each student that meets needs and builds on strengths
  • Starting at the student's ability level and developing success from there
  • Providing support and resources for the regular education classroom teachers
  • A warm, caring, and nurturing environment

What is Lutheran Special School?

Lutheran Special School and Educational Services (LSSES) provides quality education to children whose needs cannot be completely met in a regular classroom. Our service area is the geographic area of the Lutheran Church- Missouri Synod, South Wisconsin District. The programs available are a Self-contained classroom, two Resource Rooms (one here at St. John's), a School-to-Work program and a Transition Education Program at Milwaukee Lutheran High School. Services that Lutheran Special School provides are Speech/language pathologist, Student Assistance Teams, Teacher Consultant/School Psychologist, Teacher Inservice, and Parental Support.

Lutheran Special School's Mission

Centered in Christ, Lutheran Special School & Education Services prepares students with unique learning challenges to maximize their God given spiritual, academic, emotional and social potential.

For more information on Lutheran Special School

For enrollment or program information call (414) 461-8500
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