Tuition Payment at St. John's Lutheran School



All tuition payments are made through TADS.  Families will receive information for setting up their TADS account and a tuition agreement in the enrollment process.  Payments will begin in August.


Tuition Rates Information for 2017-18

Tuition at St. John's is a family's contribution toward the funding of our teacher salaries, classroom supplies, textbooks, technology, fees and facility operations. 

How can St. John's offer low cost tuition?

St. John's Lutheran Congregation, through the power of the Holy Spirit, chose to focus on Education as its number one mission.  Because of this, your student is able to attend a parochial school for only a third of the cost to educate a student.  The majority of our funding comes from the contributions of our congregation.

St. John's also relies on school family giving through the Annual Dinner Auction, PTL fundraising, volunteer support and monetary gifts and donations.  St. John's school families also give back to St. John's through our 4 for the Lord volunteer program and by generously giving talents and resources to help meet the needs of the school.  Our students demonstrate their dedication by singing in church and participating in school service projects.

It is important for us to thank St. John's Lutheran Congregation for their dedication, and to do our part as member of the St. John's Community.  It is because of others who have come before you that St. John's Lutheran School is here today.


2017 Tax Deduction Forms

 Wisconsin offers a Tuition Tax Deduction for families who pay private tuition for grades K4-12th.  Parents can claim up to $4,000 for students in K4-8th grade and up to $10,000 for students in high school.  A statement of the total tuition paid to St. John's in 2017 is available from the TADS website.  This total will help you complete the 2017 Private School Tax Deduction Form.

To download your 2017 Household Paid Tuition Tax Report, follow these steps in TADS:

1. Log onto your TADS account

2. Click on the Billing Tab

3. Click on your 2016-17 school year account number

4. Locate the short blue bar.  On the blue bar, click on "Reports."  This brings up a list of 2 reports.

5. Click on "Household Paid Tuition Report."


Financial Aid

Financial aid applications are accepted beginning March 1 through TADS.  Determination of aid amount will be made after all information has been received by TADS and forwarded to the Principal.  Financial aid is awarded by July 15.  

Private School Choice Programs

Students participating in the Milwaukee or Wisconsin Private School Choice programs must complete their online applications and provide required documentation to the school prior during the open application periods.  See the Wisconsin DPI Private School Choice website for application instructions.